Certification in TRU-ID CAAP

Certification in the TRU-ID Certified Authentic Accreditation Program (CAAP) is available to those manufacturers, brand-owners and food services (e.g., restaurants) who are committed to producing safe, authentic products and wish to partner with a community of responsible manufactures who use high quality, ingredients. The program is available to customers of all sizes who are operating in and who wish to sell their products in Canada and abroad. Our certification trademark is recognized at border service agencies and can facilitate trade with other countries who require authentication of product ingredients. To use the TRU-ID trademark, brand-owners must have their products tested and certified using the TRU-ID CAAP. 

Certification Steps

1) Register for a CAAP program.  There are three streams including Manufacturing CAAP, Restaurant CAAP and Lab CAAP of which the last program is for certifying third party testing facilities. Flexible programs allow for the needs from a diversity of manufacturing sectors as we currently have specific protocols for Fish & Seafood, Meat, Herbs & Spices, Herbal products and Natural Health Products (NHP).

  • CAAP application and certification administration;
  • Develop a Program License Agreement (PLA) is the official agreement between a company (brand/restaurant owner) and TRU-ID Ltd. identifying the scope of products tested in the recognized facility and grants permission for the company to display the TRU-ID mark on product packaging and in marketing/advertising materials; 
  • Certification Standards and Policies package;
  • Initial consultation and orientation.

2) Product ingredient testing. This includes testing by a third party TRU-ID licensed DNA molecular diagnostics Lab, which offers a Certificate of Recognition (CoR) for tested products. TRU-ID sends a report to clients regarding the test results and the use of the certification trademark on labels or within menus.

3) TRU-ID certified authentic products in the marketplace with trademarks that assure customers that products have been tested for authenticity. Listing of certified Brands for registered companies and products on the TRU-ID website.


TRU-ID© requires the use of qualified, trained and approved independent third party auditors (not inspectors) to verify that testing labs and manufacturers meet the program’s requirements on an annual basis. This third party relationship is essential to eliminate any potential conflict of interest in the certification process. A testing facility or manufacturing facility, which undergoes a successful third party audit process, will be recommended to TRU-ID for certification to be eligible to use the TRU-ID trademark on product packaging and in marketing materials.

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